Allow "continue processing" option on failed mailbox rule

Idea created by derekj on Jan 9, 2015
    Not planned
    • J_W
    • JussiValkonen

    Maileater will occassionally receive a message that matches a mailbox rule but cannot update the ticket (usually because it interprets an incorrect number as the ticket number).  This causes the rule to fail and the submitter gets a message that they can't do anything with (Like "unable to continue processing.  no matching rows").  The original email is deleted / lost to posterity, never to be heard from again.  If when a mail rule was matched but then produced an error like this there was an option to continue processing then additional roles down the stack could be created to perform error processing, like creating a new ticket for the Help Desk, the Administrator etc.  It prevents putting the onus on the customer for error control.