Replace TMSXITF with new options Member

Idea created by Achim_Mueller Employee on Jan 21, 2015
    Currently Planned

    TMSXITF should be replaced with a new options member (TMORECnn).

    It should be possible to ALLOW/DISALLOW DOUBLE OPEN, RECREATE or DISP=MOD based on Jobname (JOB), Program (PGM) or Data Set Name (DSN). For example:



    DOUBLE_OPEN DEFAULT,ALLOW=N           /* Default entry for Double Open      */

    DOUBLE_OPEN PGM=DSNUTILB,ALLOW=Y      /* Allow Double Open for PGM=DSNUTILB */


    RECREATE    DEFAULT,ALLOW=Y           /* Default entry for Recreate         */

    RECREATE    JOB=RECR8NO,ALLOW=N       /* Disallow Recreate for JOB RECRE8NO */


    DISP_MOD    DEFAULT,ALLOW=Y           /* Default entry for DISP=MOD         */

    DISP_MOD    DSN=DO.NOT.MOD,ALLOW=N    /* Disallow to mod on DSN DO.NOT.MOD  */