Content Transfer for User/Userrole

Idea created by HaraldZwettler on Jan 26, 2015
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    In our implemantation we have one "Integration" System and one Production. We have also one Test-System but for the Idea it's not in the focus.

    We work with User-Roles like "Administrator" or "SLA Manager".


    At the moment it's only possible to transfer Content from one system to the other with rights like the Superadministrator.


    What we want/need is the right to transfer Content without the Superadministrator. Not for all possible Objects but for the object which created by the User. In our focus is the Contract with Metric include the registration and Reports.


    Why, that's easy, the user create a new contract and his report in the integration system, because there he can test something. After the testing he need an easy way to transfer the contract into the production system.

    It's not required for the standard SLA contract, but much of our SLA are individual for our customers. We can't develop for each indivdual customer new Business Logic and so we use the available. For such situation we need a test bevor go to procution with the contract.


    With the hope you understand what I mean


    best regards

    Harald from Austria