Spectrum should reliably detect reboots - no more false alarms

Idea created by Kristian_S on Feb 3, 2015

    ## What is the use case of the new feature?


    In Spectrum we only want to have an alarm for a rebooted device when it really rebooted and not every time when the counter (sysUptime or better hrSysUptime) wraps.



    ## Describe the new feature in detail


    First of all Spectrum should monitor the OID hrSysUptime instead of sysUptime to recognize reboots, because hrSysUptime really informs about the uptime of the Operating System (OS), while sysUptime only informs about the uptime of the SNMP agent.


    Secondly Spectrum should be able to recognize if the counter reset was caused by a reboot or only be a counter wrap. In latter case Spectrum should not create an alarm.



    ## Describe how you envision this new feature being implemented.


    Spectrum should save the last polled value for the uptime and compare it with the currently polled value just like eHealth does.



    ## What business problem will be solved by adding this new feature?


    There are no more false alarms just because the counter wraps.

    Currently with the false alarms we have unnecessary support cases.



    ## Describe the importance and urgency


    importance: low

    urgency: high