XPSExport to export IM objects

Idea created by Osarobo_Idehen Employee on Feb 3, 2015
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      I´d like to export Policy Store in our SiteMinder Policy Server where we have integrated Identity Manager with. But we cannot get it using XPSExport.


      I have done the next steps to identify the XPSExport scope:

      I have installed SM 12.0 SP3 CR9, and integrate this with IM 12.5 SP12 The Policy Store is SQL Server 2008 SP2

    I have created User Directory, Provisioning Directory and IMS Environment from IM Managemenet Console.

    After that i have run two kind of Exports of the Policy Store with SiteMinder 12.0 SP3 Factilities:

      smobjexport:  ( smobjexport -oBBDD_SmPolicyStoreKeyStore.smldif -dsiteminder -w<******> -k  -v  )

      XPSExport:  ( xpsexport .\entire_ps.xml -xa -vT )


    Reviewing the exports, i can see that XPSExport do not export IMS Objects and if you see smobjexport outputs IMS Objects are in place.

    NOTE: As sample; you can find the IM Version in smobjeexport that do not appear inside XPSExport xml file.

    So, i think XPSExport do not export IMS Objects. Do you agree with this?


    Does anyone know any possible solution?


    I´d like to request one Enhancement Request to resolve this problem in our 12.0 SP3 version.




    Carlos Roman