'-r' option should be supported to create properties file for silent mode installation

Idea created by Guest on Feb 5, 2015
    Not planned

    In Advanced Auth 8.0. Below is from installation instructions:
    Important! Do not use "-r" option with the installer executable to generate a response file to be used for silent installation. Only the default properties file that comes with initial installation should be used.

    It would be great if the -r option is supported to generate the properties file, instead of doing a complete installation initially.

    If you run the installer using the “-?” flag, it gives following instructions:
    Usage: CA-StrongAuthentication-8.0-Linux-Installer [-f <path_to_installer_proper
    ties_file> | -options]
                (to execute the installer)

    where options include:
                show this help text
        -i [swing | console | silent]
                specify the user interface mode for the installer
                specify installer properties
        -r <path_to_generate_response_file>
                Generates response file.
    The options field may also include the following in case of uninstaller
    if it is enabled for Maintenance Mode
        -add <feature_name_1> [<feature_name_2 ...]
                Add Specified Features
        -remove <feature_name_1> [<feature_name_2 ...]
                Remove Specified Features
                Repair Installation