SessionLinker Support on WebAgent and CA Access Gateway (SecureProxy Server).

Idea created by Hubert Dennis Employee on Feb 5, 2015
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    • Hubert Dennis

    One of the things that I have learned by virtue of doing a few of SessionLinker deployments on Customer premises, is that it looks like WA + SessionLinker Solution and SPS + SessionLinker solution is completely different. Though the purpose of using SessionLinker using either solution remain the same.


    • WA + SessionLinker Solution relies SessionLinker library being enabled on WebAgent.conf and additionally SessionLinker Library (with valid license) being present on Policy Server with a SessionLinker response configured to support linking cookies and carrying out further actions.
    • SPS + SessionLinker Solution relies only on SessionLinker library being enabled on WebAgent.conf and a new ACO parameter (Which holds the same parameter as the Response configured on Policy Server). No need of adding a SessionLinker library on PolicyServer and creating SessionLinker responses.

    If the above bullets are true and correct. Here’s the food for thought.

    • Why can’t we standardize one single approach across both WA and SPS.
    • It looks like the SPS approach is more performant and sustainable than the WA approach.
    • Imagine eliminating one round trip per transaction to the Policy Server and Policy Server processing time. The performance improvement would be huge.
    • More importantly the SPS + SessionLinker solution works fine without a license (NOTE : WA + SessionLinker needs the SessionLinker library added on Policy Server and hence needs a license on Policy Server).
    • Here's very important thought, Can the SessionLinker DLL that we ship after R12.5 (that is when SessionLinker Solution was introduced in SPS), with WA do the same thing as SPS.
    • I think the capability may be already present in WebAgent SessionLinker DLL, I may be wrong.
    • Nevertheless, one this is for certain, unless CA Certifies that WebAgent SessionLinker could also be used in the same way as SPS SessionLinker, it would be unsupported configuration to use WebAgent SessionLinker in the same way as SPS SessionLinker.


    On a side note : The ERP Agent PSM states that SessionLinker is not supported on SPS. However starting R12.5 SessionLinker is supported on SPS. This would be corrected soon on PSM.


    If all the above facts are true and thoughtful. I thought to share the thought & ER request to standardize into one single approach. This would mean it needs revamping of Testing and Documentation too appropriately.