SOAP Strip Whitespace

Idea created by paimon.soror Champion on Feb 5, 2015
    • mspiewak
    • paimon.soror
    • samsh02
    • MWNiebuhr
    • Lindsay_Estabrooks

    Would be great if there was an option to strip whitespace for SOAP calls.  It is interesting because whenever I make a webservice call to SOI from something like SOAPUI, i need to check the 'Strip Whitespace' option or else SOI doesn't properly parse the input.  Same thing happens in PAM.  I need to copy my SOAP call to a text editor, remove all extra spaces, make it a single line, and then add it to PAM's 'inline' SOAP option.  PAM eventually reformats it which is fine, but once I edit the inline text, the same thing happens (failed soap call due to extra whitespaces somewhere)