Enhance Sharepoint Search Integration - Access Privileges, Filter and Result Sets

Idea created by Stephanie_Maehr Employee on Feb 9, 2015

    Sharepoint Search integration is considered as a great way to expand SDM's search capabilites - especially to search on Ticket details and a more sophisticated use of search operators.

    While the current state of the integration is a great starting point, usage in an enterprise environment would  be  supported by improving in the following areas:


    - Integrate concept of SDM access privileges into the result set.

    Opposed to just denying access to objects on open, the result set itself needs to be limited (to those objects with a minimum of read access for the current user).


    The Sharepoint Search Result set

    - should quantify the number of hits by keywords

    -  should have highlighted the search terms

    -  should provide a visual differentiation and filter option for different object types (e.g. KD, Incident, Problem etc.)

    -  should offer relevant context menu based on object type (e.g. "Accept as Solution" for KD's only, for incident or problem tickets other options - e.g. "attach as a child ticket"