Support for very large filesystems

Idea created by christianelgass on Feb 11, 2015

    What is the use case of the new feature?


    Monitoring and reporting of large disks with more than 8TB of disk space. Additionally the goal is to avoid "Integer overflow/wrap" and wrong (negative) values for the total size of very large file systems.



    Describe the new feature in detail


    The two OIDs "devTblks" and "devFblks" are only of data type Integer32, i.e. the maximum value is 2^31. Assuming a block size of 4096 bytes the maximum size of a file system (which is reported correctly) is 2^31 * 4096 bytes = 8.796.093.022.208 bytes. There is "devFreeSpace" and "devUsedSpace", but the information from these OIDs are not that grainy.



    Describe how you envision this new feature being implemented.


    * Add two new OIDs called devTblks64 and devFblks64 using the data type CounterBasedGauge64. After this has been done the OID devBsize can again report the correct value.

    * Further add two new OIDs devTfiles64 and devFfiles64 as 64bit representatives of devTfiles and devFfiles.



    What business problem will be solved by adding this new feature?


    The reporting of the partition utilization will be more grainy and even larger partitions can be reported.



    Describe the importance and urgency