Enhancement request for RiskMinder and AuthMinder

Idea created by inouekazuma on Feb 13, 2015
    Under review

    This is an enhancement request for RiskMinder and AuthMinder.

    We request for the implementation of the product.


    1. To support SQL Server Mirroring of RiskMinder 3.1.x.

    2. To support SQL Server Mirroring of AuthMinder 7.1.x.

    3. To support SQL Server Mirroring of “ Advanced Authentication 8.0 ”the next version.

    4. To documentation of the Installation Guide and etc.

         We want to know how to redundant Database Server not using SQL Server Mirroring.



    【The circumstances】

    In our customer enviroment, they use RiskMinder 3.1 and AuthMinder 7.1 of Microsoft SQL Server 2008 as a Database Server.


    We try to implement a feature of SQL Server Mirroring a redundant configuration of Database Server and


    set the Trusted IP Rule,but we couldn't start the Arcot RiskFort Service.


    According to your engineer opinions, we should operate in a single configuration.


    because of  not supportting SQL Server Mirroring of RiskMinder 3.1 and AuthMinder 7.1.


    However,  in a mission-critical environment ,to be a  single up the Database Serveris is not ssatisfy the SLA in terms of availability.


    so, we think it's essential thing to implementation of redundant configuration.