DB user expires

Idea created by Mikel.Osinalde Employee on Mar 4, 2015
    Not planned

    1. Describe the enhancement in detail.

    If the password is expired, or few days to get expired, the webpage doesnt even show the login page.

    Database migrations also fail when the DB user password is about to expire.

    Unfortunately there is no warning in the UI, nor the migration scripts explaining about this issue.

    You need to check into logs, until you see what is the actual problem.


    2. What business problem will be solved by adding this new feature?

    Very often new customers/partners come to us with Sev1 issues, because for no apparent reason the application stopped to work, and no login page is displayed.

    Migrations also fail for the same reason, and we know that migrations are a very delicate task that we need to control as much as possible.

    The application should be more verbose, for such a common situation


    3. Describe the importance and urgency level.

    Importance: This situation can be managed by Support team, but some few customers have already complained about that, and would be nice to have it addressed.

    Urgency: Medium.


    4. Describe how you envision this new feature being implemented.

    It should detect the problem and show another webpage informing about the issue. For example, that situation should open a "login_expired.asp" document, instead of  the "Login.aspx" file, which we know for sure that will fail.

    Migration scripts should also detect a password expiration, and raise an error message. Then the migration should stop.