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Idea created by zad on Mar 5, 2015
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    We are a R12.7 site. As a result of C2 patching our analysts are no longer able to input negative activity times on their activity logs as - hh:mm:ss.    CA have advised that this is by design however negative values will work if the following format is used. hh:mm:ss-  but there is no guarantee that this will be available in future patch levels or releases.

    This causes an issue for us because for audit of activity logs we have "Activity Log Security Enabled" which means analysts cannot edit activity logs.   If an analyst inputs incorrect text they can provide a new update and mark the incorrect entry as internal.  If an analyst accidently overstates a  time value they may not be able to reverse the entry using negative values in the future.

    I have a couple of suggestions regarding improvements on time spent entries.

    1. Make the input field more intuitive so there is less chance of an error.    Currently it is easy to input the incorrect value because you need to know the input format is hh:mm:ss.  Perhaps enhancing the tool to have a drop down selection.  

      2. If analysts cannot edit the activity logs provide a mechanism for a specific role to have edit rights on the time spent entry.  The internal flag is not affected by "Activity log security enabled" so there should be a way to allow admin edit of the time spent field.