Release automation dashboard - Private and Shared tabs

Idea created by GuidoM on Mar 11, 2015

    At this moment, all settings that can be done in the dashboard are private settings, so they are only visible for the person that is logged on.


    This makes that new users always have to have to repeat the set-up of the dashboard.


    To make life more easy we would like to create a 'company standard' dashboard that all people receive at the start so that new users do not have to do this on their own.


    Also when some new reports are available that are interesting for the company, it would be more easy for the roll out because then we just have to modify the 'company standard' and all users receive the new tabs on the dashboard (after a publish of course)


    The update of this 'Company dashboard' should be limited to users with the 'superuser' or 'admin' profile.


    Of course, people should be able to create their own tabs on it (like it is now) and should be able to remove 'company tabs'.


    what is idea of the community about this?


    regards, Guido Mertens