Retaining Tomcat Logs

Idea created by Maheshwar_Kusuma Employee on Mar 11, 2015
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    Retaining Tomcat Logs.


    I was working on so many cases from various clients and when it comes to TOmcat issues I identified that the logs are not carry forward to another file like stdlogs.x do. Some times the client would restart the tomcat services and the tomcat.log file would be overwritten wi the start time of the tomcat erasing all the evidence for teh original issue for tomcat crash/hang. Most of the time its frustrating to teh clients due to lack of evidence due to the haste in fixing teh issue by restart of tomcat service. alos effect the ability of hte engineers helplessness in such cases for lack of evidence in the log file.


    Idea is to create multiple files like stdlog.x feature to limit the logs to a certain size and run over to the next file and repeat the process.