Redundancy AdminUI

Idea created by ys-yamashita on Mar 12, 2015
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    CA support environment to start two or more at the same time AdminUI support outside of the respondents.
    Therefore, currently AdminUI is only one is the number that can be started at the same time.

    However, this arrangement which means that it is not possible is redundant.
    If redundancy is impossible, I think that is difficult depending on the user system production.

    For example
    1) If the user account you are unlocking of operational
    2)Administrator of multiple departments in the operation to perform the policy setting and, if high utilization rate is required

    In R6.0 was no such restriction.
    I want to abolish the limit of operation number even R12.5 (AdminUI).

    At least the following configuration is should support.
    1)Primary AdminUI: 1 units
    2)Secondary AdminUI: 1 units

    secondary AdminUI is usually not access (hot standby)