CA APM / CA SAM - SQL Server Developer Compatibility

Idea created by lewismcdonald on Mar 17, 2015
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    • lewismcdonald

    The compatbility matrices for CA Asset Portfolio Manager and CA Software Asset Manager include MSSQL Server Enterprise Edition, but do not include MSSQL Server Developer Edition.  Everyone (including CA support) seem to be in agreement that they provide the same features etc, but with different licensing.  Within our organisation, we have a target to not hold any of our Development environments running on SQL Enterprise edition after the end of 2015.  As such, I could migrate it to SQL Developer, but then I would not be officially supported by CA.  So then the business impact is that I would have to remain on SQL Enterprise, and gain internal dispensation.


    My idea is that CA can just add SQL Developer edition to the compatibility matrix, especially considering CA Support have even told me in a support case (00041803) 'that although ITAM should work fine with SQL Developer Edition it is not officially supported'.  So it sounds like it just requires signoff and a documentation update to make my life a lot easier!


    Please advise if this is likely ASAP, I have raised 'Idea's' here in the past as there is no option to raise an enhancement request (which seems ridiculous!), and have never heard anything back about them.  If CA aren't going to help me with this I need to know sooner rather than later so that I can start the internal dispensation process.


    Thank you!