The RiskMinder Service I want to disable by default.

Idea created by ys-yamashita on Mar 18, 2015

    The CA RiskMinder Service service is enabled and running by default in windows server,

    when using CA Single Sign-On R12.52 SP1 Policy Server.


    I hope that this service is disabled and not enabled by default in the next release of CA Single Sign-On.


    Because the most customer don't need to use this service, and sometime the errors occurred relating this service* .


    *) For example,sometime the following error is output in the smps.log .



         [ERROR][sm-Server-01060] Handshake error:

         Unknown client name 'default_<hostname>_aas' in hello message.



        This error is occurred because the trusted host for the RiskMinder Service is not exits for some reason.


    If this service is not enabled and running, the errors don't occurred and the customer don't bothered with the messages.