CA Spectrum Advanced Training

Idea created by franktonjes Champion on Mar 18, 2015
    Under review

    Most of the more advanced concepts from Spectrum that I know is information I have had to find out myself and got help from various places and people, and in some cases there is so much I still need/want to know but it's not available.


    I usually open up support issues but it would be great to have a set of advanced courses in which you can learn the more advanced things like:


    How to use RESTFul (I find the current documentation doesn't cut it on this subject). I've come to grips with a lot of this, but still not sure if I'm doing it the most optimal way (or the 'CA recommended' way). There are for example a lot of attributes and relations you have to go into MTE to find and work out how to use. Use a real scripting language to provide proper examples. Many people who ask me always ask me what to do with the XML files which you get when installing a OneClick server (the RESTFul Examples one).


    How to turbo-charge your OneClick interface (granted we all want HTML5! but this would be nice.) Looking at 'real-world' type scenarios like changing tables, adding custom info, etc.


    Using Model Type Editor (Design and Maintenance of Custom Attributes and relations and how to deal with these during upgrades, etc).


    CORBA Not sure about this one, but if it is much faster and more efficient to use CORBA, then have a course explaining the concepts and intro to how to use this. I'm not saying teach us the whole CORBA language, but have an intro course at least with working examples of real code.


    I've been on a lot of Spectrum Courses and while they are good they seem to deal with the beginner/operator level with even the advanced courses not covering enough of the subjects above.


    If anyone has other subjects they wish to add please do so!


    Perhaps an alternative would be to have a 'deep dive' session where you can meet up with devs for a week (like a paid course) but devs look at what you want to do and go through it. i.e. small class of 4-5 people and each person asks 'how to do X' and then the devs go through this. The devs also go through some info they think is beneficial.