CA Service Catalog - Functions that doesn't work

Idea created by Duarte.Sousa on Mar 18, 2015
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    Hello everyone,


    Right now I'm on a CA Service Catalog project where I do need to select, unselect and remove a table row by index. I have read the administration guide and I found the following;



    The following are sample JavaScript functions for tables, for illustration. In these examples, the following apply:

    • The value of the _id attribute of the table is t.
    • The values of the _id attributes of the columns are label and sf.ca_fdSetTableRow(this.formId, ‘t’, 0, {‘label’ : ‘new row label’, ‘sf’ : ‘3’})
      ca_fdFetchTableData(this.formId, ‘t’) 
      ca_fdGetTableRowCount(this.formId, ‘t’) 
      alert(JSON.stringify(ca_fdGetSelectedTableRows(this.formId, ‘t’))) 
      ca_fdUnselectTableRowsByIndex(this.formId, ‘t’, [0 ]) 
      ca_fdUnselectTableRows(this.formId, ‘t’, [{ label text", sf) 
      ca_fdSelectTableRowsByIndex(this.formId, ‘t’, [0,1])

    After finding this I have tried the functions that are in bold, but without any success... and for that reason I did open an issue where I received the following answer:


    Development has confirmed that the examples within the Administration Guide had referenced a few functions that were not included within the GA build.

    And this is one of them.


    Again, sorry for any inconvenience this might cause you.



    Well, isn't "bad" that this functions are referenced on the guide but do not work?

    And by the way, does anyone have a workaround to select, unselect and remove table rows by index?


    Thanks in advance,