Configuration management API for Nolio Components

Idea created by Ralph_Staub on Mar 19, 2015

    The installation of Management and Execution Servers can be done using a setup script.

    If the configuration has to be changed by what ever reason, e. g. the communication channels have to be secured afterwards and/or custom certificates shall be introduced we encounter a lot of manual configuration change work by editing application internal configuration files. One example for this is the way how the MQ connection properties files in the webapps/.../WEB-INF directory have to be patched if SSL encryption shall be used. Another is the configuration steps that have to be done manually when custom trust- and keystores shall be introduced. This kind of configuration management is


    It would be useful to introduce an API that allows to:

    - configure/reconfigure the (entire) runtime environment

    - enable/disable SSL encryption for all connections that are used

    - import/update custom certificates to the internally used key- and truststores

    - import/export release automation data as e.g. deployment processes, deployment templates etc.

    - invoke deployments in headless mode

    - feed the data in a "human readable" format (e.g. xml)


    Having such an API it would be possible to integrate CA Release Automation into a fully automated software deployment process where the CA Release Automation can be handled as a black box with consistent interfaces.

    Such an API may consist of shell based configuration scripts that have to be executed locally and Web Services/JMX API that allow configuration manipulations/imports/exports etc. during runtime.


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