Add all functionality to EPM Application Integration Model

Idea created by JMCColorado on Mar 24, 2015
    Under review

    The EPM Application model of integration needs to support the same features as the legacy Domain/Realm/Rule/Policy model.


    Our organization was strongly encouraged to migrate hundreds of applications from the old D/R/R/P integration model to the new EPM Application Model, only to find out later that CA is not adding some of their newest features to the Application Model, and has left other legacy features out as well.


    An example of a newer feature that is not available in the Application Model is Identity Mapping. How did a new feature not get added to the newest integration model?


    Active Policies are an example of legacy functionality that was not added to the EPM application model, but needs to be supported as well.


    It would be nice if both integration methods were treated equally from this point forward, and all features that are implemented and supported in one method are implemented and supported in the other.


    Thank you.