Ca Directory Log Rotation

Idea created by Bill_Patton Employee on Mar 24, 2015

    Problem Definition:


    We don't seem to see any options for changing the log rotation/retension for CA Directory. For example limiting the file sizes or changing the default number of logs from 10 to X.

    Currently that is not possible. CA Directory logs cannot be restricted to certain size and/or to certain number as the customer is requesting.

    The only thing we have is what you mentioned. i.e. Except ALARM and TRACE log, all other logs will rotate at midnight which you can also configure ALARM and TRACE to rotate to, if required.



    Enhancement Request:


    This needs to be configurable for the users of this product so that we do not grow gigantic log files on the directory servers. Also during trouble shooting when collecting the logs so we are not FTPing such large files that we will then be required to split