UIM capman_da probe - support multiple DM destinations

Idea created by AdrianJohnsonUK Employee on Mar 31, 2015
    • GaryKalmes
    • AdrianJohnsonUK
    • Christophe Sperandio
    • Tomas Vrbka
    • ashbyatx

    The current capman_da probe only supports a single destination for Data Manager in the 'ccc_connection' section of the probe configuration.


    Idea: Please extend this to support multiple target Data Manager destinations from a single instance of capman_da probe.


    Use Case:

    • A typical implementation requires both a Production environment AND a Pre-Production (Dev / Test) environment (at least, others may 3 or 4 environments).
    • For testing of connectivity, new metrics coverage, custom reports, etc., it is common to connect the Pre-Prod Cap Man instance to the Prod datasource instance (VMware, HP, eHealth, etc....)
    • For most Data Adapters, which perform a JDBC 'pull', this is easy to implement simply by pointing both the Prod and Pre-Prod Cap Man instances to the same datasource
    • For the UIM Data Adapter, capman_da probe works via a 'push' to Data Manager
      • Given that the current implementation only supports a single Data Manager destination, external (manual) tools need to used to get the UIM data to other instances of Data Manager
      • This would be remedied very easily if capman_da probe could push data to multiple Data Manager destinations


    Who would benefit:

    • All implementations that have both Production and Pre-Production environments