Support Automation Remote Control Enhancements

Idea created by Jannie_Sanlam on Apr 2, 2015
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    • Leao_Ereno

    Stop sharing window obscures:


    Since Windows 8 the screen real-estate in any corner of your screen is taken. The stop sharing window is always on top, and top left of the remote controlled. This by default will obscures any applications top left functions like File, Edit, View. In MS Office some of the ribbon functions will be obscured as well. Although the windows can be moved out of the way it is still placed in the wrong place. This windows position should either be configurable, or should be done away with as an "in screen" window. Other remote control tools handles this functionality much better, by having the function in a screen frame.


    Stop sharing window has a close button:


    Remove the x on the stop sharing window. If clicked it kills the session completely and the analyst has to reconnect the session. The end user should be given the functionality to stop sharing not end the session completely from this window..


    Remote Control Function Popup obscures:


    Same goes for the Remote Control Function pop-up to the bottom right of the screen when in full screen mode. When you touch the bottom right of the screen the pop-up appears that lets change Scroll Modes and Resolution settings and go out of full screen modes etc.

    Working in the taskbar\system tray sometimes activates the pop-up and then obscures the system tray functions.

    These functions should be placed outside of the remote screen - even in full screen mode and in multiple screens scenarios.


    Please look at the built in Remote Desktop Connection in MS Windows when in full screen. It has a simple remote connection bar (that is pin-able or hidden) in the top middle of the screen, that can contain all of these windows and popups currently obscuring vital screen space.