Radical idea for Releases  - Make sure they are stable and stop releasing so many!

Idea created by JDP on Apr 2, 2015

    I spend a lot of time updating robots/ probes/ hubs because when i log a case i get told that another release has been made.?I recently upgraded to version 7.0 on hubs, umps and all robots got an update too. After a few weeks i am told that another update (7.1) has been released and this is supposed to fix some other issues?I was having with FQDNs in the UMP.


    I have found that the support team do not always know the details of new features across the product as there seems to be little handover from the development team.


    If releases were more stable then there would be less releases made generally available, the last solid release would?have more time with the?support team before being rolled out so they would know more about how they work and customers would spend less time updating software all the time.