Define the difference between a Defect and Enhancement

Idea created by bvloch on Apr 2, 2015
    Under review

    I would like to see the term(s) bug and enhancement clearly defined. This should then be shared with the support and user community. All to often I am told to submit an "idea" because of some seemingly?arbitrary mandate that seems to state to support folks that aside from completely obvious bugs, tell the customer to submit an idea.?


    Examples of items that I don't feel I as a customer should have to submit for a vote:

    All probe GUI's ?to fundamentally behave the same (being able to set the log file, rename profiles, message pool manager)?
    Security issues/flaws -not ideas
    Reverting back the old working functionality - not an idea
    Not overwriting old probe defaults with new one it don't want - not an idea
    Please stop adding new alerts that I don't want and cant configure - not an idea


    Defining what is considered a bug and what is considered an enhancement would help everyone