logmon: enhanced text block features

Idea created by anders.synstad on Apr 2, 2015
    • rith
    • anders.synstad
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    • Tomas Vrbka
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    There are a couple additional enhancements to text block handling in the logmon?
    probe that we would like to see.
    1) Entire file as variable
    When creating variables, one should be able to select "entire file" as the?
    variable. Specifically when using full/cat scan type.
    There are many scenarios where we want to use the entire logfile in the alarm?
    message. This is typically when we have cronjobs and what not that overwrites?
    the logfile on each run with a multiline status with potentially varying amount?
    of lines each time.
    2) Access "format block" as variable
    Almost similar to (1). Be able to access the entire text block indentified with?
    the format rules as a single variable that could be used in alarm messages.