Business Rule Editor for Approval and Fulfillment workflows

Idea created by Stephanie_Maehr Employee on Apr 30, 2015
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    This idea is derived from the work of Gary Eisenhuth and John Logan who have done several customer implementations with a similar Editor approach was implemented based on


    The Business Rules for Approval and Fulfillment Workflows can depend on many different attributes like the type of requested Service, end user location, management reporting hierarchic and many others.

    Since “Policy Builder” applies to a small part of that in regards to approvals, but does not fit the real requirements we see the need for an advanced approach on this.

    Common Approval and Fulfillment workflows usually require extensive usage of Event Rule Actions and PAM workflows. Once implemented, a simple change of one Business Rule may require editing both (Event Rule Actions and PAM workflows) again. 
    Both tools are considered complex to use and not designed for a “Business Rule (BR) Expert”, they do require a simple edit tool (e.g. based on a Decision Table).


    One simple Prototype to Review and Edit that logic - derived from a separate table -  could be the screenshot below:


    For a given Service Option (Add Storage / 200 GB IDE) the "PC Group" will be the Fulfiller and a Request (opposed to change) Ticket with the Request Area "Hardware" will be created - not pushing a PAM process in this case.

    service catalog 1.jpg

    Same type of scenario is relevant for Approvals

    This type of Business User Configuration is also required if Service Catalog and SDM should share the same request module at some time in the future.

    One single PAM process could orchestrate the related actions and activites - this would allow a real business user to change the logic of the workflows without involving a PAM specialist.