Ability to unckeck "IS_CI" flag on Asset from ITAM GUI

Idea created by Brian_Mathato Employee on May 11, 2015
    Not planned
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    Presently, once the "IS_CI" flag\checkbox is set on a Asset in ITAM, one cannot uncheck this. My understanding is that the "Is CI" flag is set when we want to create Service Desk Configuration Item. Once this flag is set, it can be unchecked only from SDM GUI or 'back door' at the database level which is not favorable.


    Although one can change the value using ServiceDesk, this does not provide a good user experience as the user must first login to ServiceDesk to uncheck the flag, then go back to ITAM to delete. Also not all users that have access to ITAM have access to CI data in ServiceDesk.


    The other argument is that if only ITAM is installed and no ServiceDesk in the picture, if the flag is incorrectly set, there is no quick way to correct this via the ITAM GUI.


    Would be better if this field can be unchecked in ITAM as well.


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