Product Upgrades and Advanced Availability

Idea created by russell.pope on May 11, 2015

    CA have produced some strong features in SDM 12.9 with the Advanced Availability functionality supporting better uptime and allowing rolling maintenance and for this reason we have felt that we should invest in redesigning our solution to support implementation of Advanced Availability.


    Also the 14.1 upgrade improvements have helped us to maintain customization at much lower cost than previous application upgrades.


    It is disappointing therefore that it is necessary to stop the application in order to upgrade from 12.9-14.1 even when in AA configuration. I propose a change to future releases of CA Service Management which would support upgrades in AA configuration without the need for any downtime. Given that CA looks to be increasing the delivery of new product versions it would seem sensible in order for customers to justify investing in and using AA at all.