ITAM 12.8 SP3 Additional Configuration Parameters for ITAM-Export-Service needed

Idea created by esauerw on May 13, 2015
    • Michael_Petersen
    • esauerw
    • daniel.reiter

    We have a rendering problem with the ITAM-Export-File.

    If this file contains a "carriage return" (i.e. CR w/o line feed LF), it will be erraneously processed to a newline (i.e. as if CR-LF).
    In order to control this we need additional configurability of ITAM-Export-Service.


    As the configuration file for ITAM-Export is CA.ExportService.exe.config, the following configuration options should be added to this:


    Encoding (e.g. "UTF 8")

         CodePage/ANSI or any Unicode encoding (please refer to notpad.exe, 'save as' options - default: ANSI/Windows CodePage

         default: current behaviour (ANSI/Windows CodePage)

    HasBOM (e.g. "true")

         valid only in case of any Unicode encoding (not ANSI)

         in case of "true": a Byte Order Mark will be additionally output preceeding the proper Unicode text (e.g. UTF 8)

         in case of "false": no BOM will be added

         default: false (current behaviour)

         comment: Excel needs obligatory BOM (this is in contrast to MS Windows Notpad.exe, and notepad++ as well, both use some heuristic)

    Delimiter (e.g. ";")

         specifies column separator (this may then be specified in Excel - us it if many field values contain a ; so one does not want them all to be masked by an escape char)

         default: ; (standard separator)

    Value-Wrapper (e.g. ")

         if specified, field values will be headed and trailes by the specified value.

         this may be used if any field value contains multiple lines (which is an option by Excel). A value "<my-multiple-line-value>" will be understood by Excel

         default: none (i.e. null value, current behaviour)


    Exact names of the keywords and values are given as an example above and may be changed by CA according to best-use-considerations and standards (e.g. "UTF-8").


    Fujitsu comment: Fujitsu Case is 301537-77


    Kind regards