Service Catalog Servicedesk Category mapping

Idea created by TomStarke Employee on May 18, 2015

    Hi Community and Product Management,

    Even though the CA provided content shows a good way on how to map from Service Catalog Services to the appropriate Service Desk Ticket category, there is great need to an out of the box-place to map from various levels in Catalog Service offerings to categories Service Desk is raising tickets on. This would be consistent with the fact that Catalog and ServiceDesk is often implemented as sound solution.


    This mapping shall be respected ab all changes in Service Offerings and should be covered by inheritance as well.


    Here an example on how the data model behind that could look like:


    The dashed oval shows, where the mapping shall be located. Due to better structuring I used IMACD actions for categorizing matching categories.This idea shall help secifically MSPs, but it is helpful for all other implementations as well.


    Kind regards,

    Tom Starke, ca


    Update with more detailled document.