Move away from UserID as primary key in Catalog

Idea created by TomStarke Employee on May 18, 2015
    Not planned

    Hi Experts and Product Management,

    ITSM 14.1 is a big step forward from a solution point of view. Now Service Desk Manager, Service Catalog and IT Asset Management are really good aligned and Unified Self Service brings everything unter one umbrella.

    Even though SDM and Asset Portfolio Mgmt. are using UUIDs as primary key for all major objects, Catalog is still using the UserID (login-name). Since Catalog is meant for MSPs as well and management of UserIDs are not within the reach of a regular MSP, the ever changing UserID creates additional work which woudl not happen, if Catalog would use the contacts' UUID as key.


    To be more precise:

    Please change Contact handling in Catalog to use Contacts' UUID instead of UserID.



    • Lowering of management effort
    • Consistent Contact-handling across the ITSM-suite
    • Easier application in an multi-tenanted environment


    Thanks for consideration,

    Tom Starke, ca