Enhancement request for Service Catalog (14.1 sp1)

Idea created by Jgalasso on May 22, 2015
    Not planned

    Currently when an approver is sent an email there are two link types in that email.

    1. One is to display data and information - Uses SSO/NTLM
    2. The other is the action URL  - Does not use SSO/NTLM and forces the user to log in


    My request is to allow us to change this behavior or remove it. At our location for example, the person that receives the approver email is the only person that should be receiving that email. We would like both types of URL's to use SSO/NTLM so the user can actually approve the catalog request right from the email. I have circled the URL's that currently do not use SSO/NTLM (the action URL's)




    Thanks for your time in looking into this request.