Bundle handling in fulfillment

Idea created by TomStarke Employee on May 27, 2015
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    Hi Experts

    A Service-Bundle is comprised of Computer, Software and Access to a Web-App. Installation of SW is dependent on the Computer being there to install the SW on. So installation of SW needs to be on hold while the computer is being provisioned.
    Access to the WebApp is independent from the computer, so it can be fulfilled asap.


    Here a rough flow:

    bundle handling.png

    To my knowledge there is no ootb (or best practices) functionality for setting Ticket 2 (SW) on hold till Ticket 1 (Computer) reaches a certain state.

    At some implementations we created a complex framework for supporting bundles in fulfillment, which covers service-design and SDM-status dependencies, which is very complex to maintain.


    Now to the request:

    Extend Catalof/PAM/SDM content to support inter ticket communication for orchestrating varous threads during fulfillment.


    Thanks for consideration,