Polling Metric Family status update based on Spectrum discovery integration

Idea created by dmdistel on May 28, 2015
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    We had a situation where Virtual devices (servers) came into CAPC through VCAIM information. However, because of this, all Polling Metric Family statuses were 'Not Supported' for SNMP polling. I was told by Support and Engineering that this is by design for Virtual servers.


    We have the Spectrum integration configured as well. The devices were then discovered in Spectrum as SNMP devices. Using the "Default Domain", these devices were passed to CAPC. However, it appears that PM does not re-discover the devices because it determines that the device already exists.


    My expectation is that once the devices come over via the integration to CAPC , that they should be discovered and the status for SNMP management should change the Polling Metric Family status to "Supported". This wold allow SNMP management to take place in an automated fashion. This does not appear to happen this way.


    The "work around" from Engineering was to create a Discovery Profile in PM with all of the IP addresses and manually discover the devices.This did work to change the Metric Family Status to 'Support'. To me, this is an unnecessary manual step that should be automatically taken care of, as noted in my comments above.


    This manual process also leaves open the possibility that Virtual systems will show up in CAPC before being discovered in Spectrum , and will not be SNMP managed and may go unnoticed in this state.