UIM: snmpcollector template editor filter - AND/OR operators

Idea created by mark.de.boer on Jun 18, 2015



    Currently the way the filter works in the snmpcollector template editor is by matching all rules: "A filter will match when all rules match. If no rules exist the filter will always match."


    It would be nice to differentiate between AND and OR operators, the same other filters work in the portal.


    For example it's now impossible to create filters based on a set of  ip addresses.


    If I could create a profile with a filter1:  rule IP address = x.x.x.x OR rule IP address=y.y.y.y  and filter 2: rule IP address = a.a.a.a OR ip address = b.b.b.b , I could enable different metrics for two sets of devices. Now the it automatically assumes the AND operator.


    Unless I'm missing something here, but I'm sure someone will point it out :-)