Up to date list of Known Issues

Idea created by JMCColorado on Jun 18, 2015
    Not planned
    • Kaladhar.Brahmanapally
    • JMCColorado
    • CBertagnolli
    • Josh Perlmutter
    • anand3g

    There is a need for an up-to-date and public list of the currently known bugs and limitations of the Single Sign-On product. (Probably all CA Security Products, but SSO is where I am submitting the idea)


    I cannot count the number of times we have spent weeks or months working an issue with support, only to find out that "This is a known issue" after banging our head against the wall for no reason.


    The list if known issues in the release notes only includes the known issues identified by CA QA at the time of release.


    Due to the complexity of the product, it is well known that CA cannot test all customer use cases, so many bugs are not found until the release is out in the wild.


    If there was an up-to-date and publicly available list of current known issues (major security flaws notwithstanding), this could save us all so much time, because we could look for workarounds instead of sending logs to Tier 1 support for cases that ultimately won't be resolved without a product upgrade, which can take too long to implement.