Infrastructure Monitoring Auditing

Idea created by paimon.soror Champion on Jun 22, 2015
    Under review

    Across the CA Communities, it has become evident that many members are in desperate need of a CA provided solution to an Infrastructure auditing tool that can compile the list of available monitoring for any CI that has been managed in the environment.  The tool would have the ability for users to search by CI, and have an output that states the types of monitoring that have been configured for the CI, the policies that have been pushed out, the version of the system edge agent, etc etc.


    With the number of CA tools and the vast amount of integration that can take place across an environment, it is very easy for a larger company to lose track of how many devices have been configured for monitoring.  The tool should be able to help infrastructure engineers and customers alike to answer the following questions:


    1. What devices in our environment have monitoring installed on them?

    2. What kind of monitoring is configured for device XYZ


    Added Information From Comments:

    Tool Should Include:

    CAPC: Monitoring profiles - Event Rules (Thanks Jill.B)

    VAIM: Policy and Templates - Autowatchers and Monitors (Thanks Jill.B)

    UIM: Deployed Probes (Thanks Jill.B)


    Like all other CA tools, a web service would also be required so that integration can take place with tools like CA PAM and other infrastructure tools.