Allow SNMPv3 Host Details in Netmaster ( /IPADMIN.S ) to use non-localized keys (US105043)

Idea created by jeff.beechgarwood on Jun 23, 2015
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    The /IPADMIN.S screen is used to define each Netmaster's SNMP site settings. In the world of SNMPv1 community based SNMP one can create an entry for example of *.*.*.* which indicates that all the Netmaster SNMP sites are defined in the same way e.g. in the same SNMP Community.


    With SNMPv3, if one is constrained to using localized keys then one has to create an entry here for every LPAR and every DR-Test LPAR (our DR-Test LPARs have different IP addresses than the normal LPARs) whereas if SNMPv3 had the option of using a non-localized key then we could create a *.*.*.* entry for all our SNMPv3 sites.


    So, I hereby request that /IPADMIN.S and /IPDIAG.MS both be fully configured to work with both localized or non-localized keys.


    In the above text, by localized key I mean one that was generated via the IBM pwtokey utility using an engine-id as a parameter and a non-localized key as one that was generated via the pwtokey utility without specifying an engine-id as a parameter.