Test for duplicate names in WAM UI prior to save (DE155780)

Idea created by Guest on Jun 30, 2015
    • Hubert Dennis

    In a Support Case of SSO (SiteMinder), Defect 155780 was filed for WAMUI R12.51 CR04. And it resulted in an enhancement for the issue.


    WAMUI Data Lost Scenerios: We lost data whenever we are trying to save any object like domain, realm, rule, policy, etc. with duplicate name by mistake.


    Customer is asking this enhancement should be implemented in the near future release.



    The problem as described is that it is possible to create create a domain, with associated realms/rules etc as part of a single operation, but if the save is attempted and the name is a duplicate, the save operation fails and all the created objects are lost. The request is to test for the domain name duplicate prior to the save event occurring and preserve the other objects.