better presentation of the found elements in catalog

Idea created by le-van on Jul 1, 2015

    Hi CA Experts and Product Management,


    in CA Catalog 12.7, users often use the search feature to find what they need and then raise a request. But in search result, they only see a list of services (offerings) that match with the keyword. Without clicking on the service to see the detail, it's not possible to know which item (service option) does match the keyword. So it can take user a while to find the correct item and service. When it takes so much time, users will stop searching and ask around....

    We would like to suggest an improvement for the search function in Catalog:

    - found Service Options (with its picture if possible) should be shown in search result with highlighted keyword

    - direct link to Service Option when user clicks on hightlighted keyword in search result

    Thanks for your consideration.


    Best regards

    Le Van