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Idea created by chris157.157 on Jul 9, 2015
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    • Sankar Natarajan



    As a company we are new to the Service Catalog 12.9 environment, having upgraded from 11.2.  One of the biggest problems experienced by the community within the organisation can best be described in the following manner:

    The information that is required for a person to fulfill the request will be supplied in the request screen, normally within custom built forms.  Further information supplied by other fulfillers or vendors; or further information required to fulfill the request will be found in the Notes.

    From version 11.2 to 14.9 the notes function has moved from being extra fields at the bottom of the request to a popup screen that appears in the middle of the request and greys out the request behind it.  It is not possilbe to manually move this popup around and view both the details of the request and the notes at the same time.

    This is frustrating as it is sometimes necessary to open and close the notes more than once to see the necessary information between the notes and the items forms that are "hidden" beneath the notes.


    Could the notes function not be changed to a "Page on Page" function instead of a "Page in Page" functionality to enable easier referencing of necessary data.


    Your attention would be appreciated