Simplify SSL Application Between RA Components

Idea created by golbe05 Employee on Jul 12, 2015
    Currently Planned

    A lot of customers are reporting problems when trying to apply SSL communication between different RA components.

    The reason is that the current procedure requires a lot of manual tinkering which leaves a lot of room for user error.

    The manual process is very mechanical and doesn't require any human-based decision making, but it does require rudimentary understanding of certification process which some customers do not have, which causes much frustration and trial-and-error on the customer's side.


    We need to simplify this feature.


    Much like the import/export screen, for example, a possible solution is that after the customer creates and signs the certificates (which should be done by their security teams), all the customer has to do is click a button and be taken to a wizard that asks him to point out the certificate files location, put in the passwords for truststore/keystore, and the rest will be done automatically (alterations to RA configuration files, encryption of passwords, etc).