Collecting application specific deployment logs

Idea created by Ralph_Staub on Jul 14, 2015

    Logging functionality lack


    Release Automation is not very chatty during deployment processes. There is a small buffer available to sore some very limited logging information. Tracing information is distributed somewhere in the Nolio logs.

    If there is an infra structure problem log files can be collected from ES and agents. There is no functionality to gather Nolio logs from management servers or any deployment that succeeded or failed.


    It shall not be a customers task to write some inconveniant logging processes to work around lacking functionality.


    Logging / tracing deployment process


    There should be some functionality to enable a trace for a deployment process when it is executed. By defining e.g. some trace level at deployment start (by GUI and/or REST API) the log content is defined. E.g. 0 = no log, 1 = some information log, 2 = more detailed log, 3 = action based tracing with begin-end statements etc.

    Log4J based log level definitions may be used as well...


    Capturing application deployment logs


    There should be some functionality to define what log files shall be captured on the target systems when the deployment is done (success or failure). This definition must be as flexible as the log file names can be enhanced e.g. by an action doing some calculations when the process is started, by GUI, by REST API, following regular expressions etc.


    Central log repository


    There should be some functionality to define a central log file storage repository (internally in the RA database and external log server infrastructure).




    There shall be some functionality to define log information aggregation rules. Based on the rules there may result some action to be executed (e.g. notifications if some pattern matches found in the log information).


    GUI (REST API) drill down


    There should be some funcitonality to drill down all deployment logs for a particular deployment. Application specific log file information with its content shall be available for quick analysis. Depending on trace level definition there may be deployment process tracing information available as well.




    By defining the log file life time and defining what shall happen if the log file information life time is passed by (e.g. deployment log information is stored for 6 month in the central log repository, then it's moved to an archive repository and after 2 years the information is deleted) the requirements of an autitor or regulation laws can be fullfilled.


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