Improve SDM usage of Oracle specific functionalities

Idea created by Sandra_Antunes on Jul 16, 2015
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    • arcanjo
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    One customer has been getting performance issues with SDM 12.9 running on Oracle and after an analysis in the way SDM uses it, he provided the following evidences:


    - SDM does not use cursors, working with temporary tables (IOT) for some cases, which works well for SQL Server but not for Oracle.

    - There is lack of skill in using partitioning (usually seen in SQL environments up to release 2005).

    - There aren't packages in use (usual for Oracle, but nonexistent in SQL Server).

    - There isn't the usage of indexes based in function.


    A proof of the impact this can cause is attached to the message, where one query is issued 145 thousand times, while with a cursor it could be issued only one time.

    Customer understands he will never have a gain in performance with this type of architecture.


    His request is to have CA review SDM and make use of specific functionalities from Oracle - as stated above - in order to have SDM performing better.