capman_da probe must support https communication

Idea created by Alquin Employee on Jul 20, 2015
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    We enable SSL on our service_host so when we login with our company domain credentials it is secured. Unfortunately the capman_da probe does not like it when SSL is configured on the service host and it fails to start as it appears to be expecting only http communication. This is not acceptable as we must secure the login to the Admin Console via https as required by corporate policy when logins are made available from the network.


    While you can configure UMP to work with both http and https we do not for the same reasons above. When you enable https on the Admin Console http is automatically turned off (reference Implement a Certificate Authority-Signed SSL Certificate in Admin Console - CA Unified Infrastructure Management - 8.1 -…



    The integration between UIM and Capacity Management via the capman_da probe (and all future ones) MUST support SSL encrypted communication based on the current architecture. When the APIs share the same infrastructure as the product logins which must be secured SSL support is not optional. Everyone will say there will be a performance impact, maybe. Let the customer factor that in their decision and address it with hardware or choose not to encrypt but we MUST support SSL communications.