CA BSI - Increase maximum length of resource names

Idea created by jbrenneisen on Jul 22, 2015
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    We are currently running into a problem because of the length restriction of the resource name and resource description to 100 characters.


    We are synchronising our resource model by translation scripts from a master CMDB, and that master CMDB allows names and descriptions of up to 254 characters. And unfortunately, people start using longer and longer names... I know, long names are not nice to use, but reality is showing a different thing.


    So it is not always possible to truncate names "intelligently" and still be unique. All workarounds like storing the complete resource name in the resource description (512 characters) are awkward to use and error prone.


    Suggestion would be to remove the limitiation resp. set it to a "high enough" value - recommend 512, and in that turn as well increase description to varchar2(4000).