Self Monitoring of PAM, Integration With SOI/Spectrum

Idea created by paimon.soror Champion on Jul 23, 2015
    Not planned

    For many of us who own a few different CA products, it would be great if we can integrate PAM with tools like Spectrum or SOI for alerting purposes.  For example if one of the PAM agents is hung up or a pam process is blocked, we can create an alert to be sent to Spectrum/SOI.  This would also be helpful for failed processes.  Although it is true that a user can design an exception handler to help facilitate this, it would be nice to build it administratively into the tool so that all processes and the general health of PAM can be monitored.


    Another great integration would be a way to set up alerting thresholds that will alert into SOI/Spectrum if PAM breaches a 'queued process' threshold of sort.